I want a girlfriend

I want a girlfriend,
I want a girlfriend,
I want a girlfriend,
I want a girlfriend,

I want a girlfriend.

I've decided that I want a girlfriend.

I've decided that I'm tired of waking alone in the morning
with no one to share my hangover or to take turns with
fixing the coffee. I've decided that I'd rather be with someone
when I go get bagels and more coffee and rummage through
yard sales and sit on sidewalks looking at cars.

I want a girlfriend.

I'm not very particular

she has to be a girl.
I like guys
but I like breasts more

I don't want her to be too tall
or too short, somewhere between
five and six foot will do.

I want a girlfriend

she needs to be intelligent and spontaneous
literary and outspoken.
she needs to do art or at least to know art
she needs to be clean, but not too clean
she needs to smell like apricots and hopefully
taste like apricots, but Ill settle for the flavor
of musk.

She needs to have blonde hair, or brown
or red or black or at least hair.
her hair needs to be at least shoulder length
or longer or somewhat shorter.
she need to have hair.

she doesn't necessarily have to shave
legs or pits or elsewhere
although I like trimmed pubes with designs
like the 1996 olympic symbol.

I want a girlfriend

a Linda Lee to my Bukowski
a Nin to my Miller
a Shelley to my Byron
and a Wilma to my Fred

I want a girlfriend

she needs to have a nice body
not too skinny and not too fat
the right amount of hips to tits ratio
and an ass that you can sink your teeth into
she needs to be toned but not too
I wont mind a small roll of belly
that way I wont have to get into shape.

I want a girlfriend
one that likes a lot of sex
but not all the time
one that both spits and swallows
and knows how to use her fingers

She needs to be adventurous
behind closed doors and in public
she doesn't need to be kinky
but I do like leather
and candle wax
and cold knives
and mutual masturbation at ten paces.

I want a girlfriend

She needs to drink
and must hate violence
unless its necessary
she needs to be graceful and demure
even when shes loud, ripshit and pissed.

She must like other women
and despise all men
except for a select few

She needs to like jazz and mozart and the replacements

She needs to like kids

She needs to be mobile, stable and transient

She needs to be true,
even when she's fucking another guy.

She needs to be a phenomenal kisser,
must have nice lips and neck
and know how to flirt and tease
but not for too long.

I want a girlfriend

She needs to be perfect in every way
and flawed in all the others
she needs to be my equal or better
and submissive when she's not

I want
I want
I want

I need

a lover
a friend
a little girl
a pillar of power
to kick me in the ass
to pick up the pieces
to make me feel alive
to make me feel
at all.